Rhinoplasty FAQ

A rhinoplasty surgery is used to reduce or refine the appearance of your nose to acquire your desired results.

Are you a suitable candidate for rhinoplasty?

You will firstly need to have a consultation to find out weather reshaping your nose will be suitable for you. The decision can be based on a few things. One of these is your medical history. You will be asked various questions about this.

What does a rhinoplasty procedure actually involve?

During your rhinoplasty, incisions will be made inside the nostrils. Any bumps that may be on the bridge of the nose will be removed with a chisel to give a new profile to the nasal bone. The final stage will be the tip of your nose. This will be refined by being adjusted in its size and shape.

What type of anaesthetic will you be given during surgery?

During your rhinoplasty surgery you will be placed under a general anaesthetic. You will most likely be required to stay overnight in the hospital. For minor work such as narrowing the nostrils a local anaesthetic can be used.

How long will the procedure take?

The procedure will take approximately 1 hour to perform.

What will happen after the surgery?

After surgery you will find yourself in bed with a few pillows propping up your head. This will reduce the swelling you have around your nose. You may notice that you have slight difficulties with your breathing. The main reason for this is the packs that  have been placed in your nostrils. Just breath through your mouth and do not panic!

The bridge of your nose will be protected by a plaster cast which will be held in place by tapes across your cheeks and forehead. You will normally wear this for 7 – 10 days so it is best to stay indoors.

For the next 3 weeks, try not to blow your nose or any vigorous movements to your nose. When you leave the hospital you may experience a nose bleed. In most cases this bleeding will stop on its own accord. If not then you will need to go in to see your surgeon.

Is the procedure going to be painful?

Believe it or not there really isnt that much pain after you have your surgery. After the surgery you will be given an injection for pain and then after that all you will require is pain killers.

Will there be any affects you should expect after surgery?

Expect to have black eyes and a swollen face. This will settle down within 2-3 weeks and is totally normal. The reason this happens is that during surgery it is common for the nasal bones to be broken and reset.

Even after the plaster cast is removed, there will still be some significant swelling. It is also important to note that the shape of your nose at this point will not be its final form.

What are the scars likely to be like after surgery?

In most cases the majority of scars will be made inside your nostrils. In this case the scares will not be seen. However, in the case of needing to reduce the size of the nostrils external incisions may need to be made. So you may have external short term scars.

Could anything go wrong with rhinoplasty surgery? If so, what? 

When a rhinoplasty is performed by a well qualified surgeon complications are very rare and seldom occur. However all surgery, regardless of what it is will always carry a little risk. People vary in how fast they heal and also there general anatomy, so it is difficult to be completely predictable.

Some rare effects that can take place after surgery, but can all be treated are: Blind boil type infections, nose bleed,  Irregularities of skin, bone or cartilage may occasionally appear following nose reshaping surgery. These may show up on the surface as slight depressions, dips of bumps. Although through conservative measures and time, most of these situations improve, additional surgery may occasionally be required for correction (2% incidence).

It is also possible that surgery that took place on a badly bent nose may not be totally straight after surgery, so bare this in mind. In this kind of situation, your nose will be revised and further surgery may take place down the line to correct the issue.

There is generally a 2% incident of patients who after 9-12 months are not happy with there nose. This more than often is because the patient already had a severe nasal injury. So for the general nose, after 9-12 months patients are more than happy with results.

How long will it take me to get back to normal after surgery?

After surgery allot of patients will prefer to stay out of the public eye until there nose has healed adequately. Most bruising diminishes after 10-14 days. By 3-4 weeks most people will be back to there normal day to day routines and can begin enjoying there new nose.