Why you should never should never choose cheap surgeons

Every year thousands of people around the world decide that they want to get some kind of cosmetic surgery. This could range from so many different things. It could be that a woman wants bigger breasts, or a bigger bum,a smaller nose, smoother kin etc. Hundreds of men also secretly undergo surgery as well and tend to not even tell there close friends that they are going to do so because of fear of embarrassment. Men tend to go for all kind of different surgeries such as penis enlargement, rhinoplasty surgery, surgical implants, hair transplants etc.

With such a high demand for cosmetic surgery you will find that allot of people are looking for the cheapest deal out there. This absolutely astonishes me because people act as if they are simply going to the shop looking to purchase a new pair of trainers to look cool in. People forget that this is there body that they are about to go and operate and that the majority of surgeries that go wrong are very difficult to remedy. It is super important to understand that with every type of surgery there will always be some kind of risk and that choosing a qualified experienced surgeon will significantly minimise this risk.

Now don’t get me wrong, just because a surgeon is located in a foreign country that is not widely known for having cosmetic surgeons, this doesn’t automatically mean that you should beware. However, it is still very wise to do your due diligence on that surgeon. Read reviews about the surgeon online, ask the surgeon to see previous pictures of work he has done. And, for further checks you can go ahead and check just how long your chosen surgeon has been in practice.

head in hand

Here is a horror story from a man who didn’t do his due diligence:

“I had wanted to get a rhinoplasty for a long time ever since I was about the age of 15. When I was in both primary and secondary school I was always teased about the size of my nose and it is something that has really bothered me throughout my life. When I grew up and began work life the teasing really wasn’t that bad at all and I had begun to become more comfortable with my nose. It wasn’t until I began trying to get a girlfriend that I found I was getting friend zoned allot by different woman. Now, call me paranoid but I am a pretty nice guy and I know how to treat a woman. My job pays well, and I am independent. This brought me to believe that one of the reasons these women potentially were not taking me very seriously was how I looked. Maybe they were not entirely attracted to me. My main belief this was happening was because of my nose.

And that was literally the last straw for me and what pushed me further to get a rhinoplasty. I started doing my research on surgeons in London and I was getting quotes and prices for between 4000 and 5500 pounds. Back then in my opinion this was just way to much to pay (I regret thinking this way) and I began looking for cheaper alternatives. I found out through research and asking people in forums on the web, that the Czech republic had prices as low as 900 pounds. I instantly jumped at this and could not believe it. I read a few reviews of the surgeon I would be visiting (which I later found out were fake) and I booked a flight straight away for a week later.

I didn’t tell anybody i was getting this procedure done which was definitely a bad idea because no one had the chance to stop me. So I arrived in the Czech republic and stayed in a decent hotel. The next morning was my appointment, I went in for a consultation and everything went well. The building looked professional and clean and so did the staff and the surgeon. So far I was very pleased. I told the surgeon what I wanted which was for the bridge of my nose to look more pronounced and thinner and also my nostrils to be smaller. he showed me a picture of what it would look like after surgery and I was pleased. The surgeon said I would be ready for surgery 2 days later so I went back to my hotel quite excited.

So, 2 days later I went in for my surgery. I was put under a general anaesthetic and the surgery took 45 mins. My head was wrapped with bandages and my nose covered and secured to. I rested in the hotel for 2 days before I flew back to London with my instructions from the surgeon on after care.

It wasn’t until I got home to the UK that I removed the bandages, and I was not happy with what I could see. My face did not match my face the way I wanted it to. and it was a very distressing time for me. I didn’t know how I was going to face people like this. I called back the surgeon and he said I would have to come back for another round to repair this. I just felt like I had been ripped of and this was some kind of marketing ploy.”


The moral of the story is do not be lured in by cheap prices abroad. Not only can you potentially end up left with irreversible physical damage, but the damage can also be psychological as well.