Breast Augmentation FAQ (breast enlargement)

Are you a suitable candidate for breast enlargement?

The best way to determine this is to go in and visit a surgeon for a professional consultation. This will be a detailed consultation that will take you through many questions and requires you to be very honest. Do not be shy or nervous when you go in for your consultation. Be totally open and tell the surgeon what you want.

It doesn’t matter what age you are in order to get breast enlargement. What matters the most is that you are not just doing this because you feel pressured into doing so. The surgeon will want to make sure that you are healthy physically but also mentally so that you do not later regret your decision.

You will be told to stop smoking prior to your breast surgery and you will also be instructed to stop taking certain medications. It is important that you listen to these instructions and take heed. Do not think that these are just things that your surgeon is saying to inconvenient you. Smoking can have negative effects on blood flow, which in turn can reduce healing time.

How long will breast implants last?

This is a question that is frequently asked and probably one of those questions that all patients worry about because everybody want the longest lasting results. The truth is nothing silicon that is implanted into the body will last forever. This should not bother you because why would you want one piece of silicon in your body for more than 30 years anyway. That just isn’t healthy. You have to bear in mind that your implants can be damaged from day to day life and are not the same substance or density as real breast tissue. Silicon implants can leak and can also burst. However despite all of this implants do last a very long time. Typically a modern silicon implant that has been done by a qualified experienced surgeon can expect to last in the body for 15-20 years. It is still important that after 10 years you go in and see a surgeon for a check up.

Will getting a breast implant silicones cause disease?

Nobody wants to come across any risks with surgery and that is understandable. So with that being said is it possible to contract a disease from implants? This would be anybody’s nightmare, so here is the answer to that question. The answer is no. There is currently no scientific proof,evidence or studies that suggest that silicon implants can results in a disease. Allot of the time the diseases people contract would have come regardless of weather they had gotten a breast implant or not. So bare in mind that the silicon implant is not to blame. To further put your mind at ease the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) released a press release after a huge amount of research which found that breast implant do not cause any disease.

What could go wrong with this procedure?

As I have mentioned before, there will always be risks with any kind of surgery, regardless of weather it is cosmetic or not. Risks will always be significantly reduced by receiving your surgery by a qualified and experienced surgeon. This means that you shouldn’t rush into deciding what surgeon you are going to use. Think of it this way. You are about to make an alteration to your appearance that if goes wrong, could leave you with very hard to reverse results or at worst, permanent damage to your appearance. So in this sense you should really take time in deciding where you decide to go and receive your breast implant.

Despite all of that some of the things that can go wrong during this procedure are, bleeding as a results to bleeding from a blood vessel. Skin necrosis, this tends to happen when your skin is not getting enough blood being supplied to it. Bare in mind that this is extremely rare and very rarely occurs.

Will this procedure be painful?

You will experience some pain after surgery, this is to be expected. You are likely to experience pain in you breast area for up to five days. This is totally normal and should not make you panic. Simply make sure you take some pain killers to counteract the pain you are feeling. Remember to take the painkillers at the given intervals to reduce prolonged pain.

Is there an alternative to breast implant surgery?

The answer to this question is yes there is. There are various non surgical methods that you can use to increase the size of your breasts. These include, herbal supplements, breast firming creams, injectable fillers and breasts shaping systems. You can find out more about non surgical breast enlargement methods here.